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Mobile Marketing

Today it is hard to imagine somebody who does not use mobile phone so mobile marketing is becoming more and more effective tool for promotion of any business because it helps not only to reduce the period of gaining of information by the client but also get fast feedback.

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What is mobile marketing?

It is a set of actions, offers, business promotion campaigns with mobile communication as the main method of promotion. What are the benefits? It is not a secret that traditional advertising mediums such as radio, TV and mail gradually lose their efficiency. In other words they work worse and worse and do not payed off from year to year. Mobile marketing favorably stands out from traditional methods and has a range of benefits:

Direct connection with the client without any intermediaries
Minimal expenses
and maximal efficiency
Individual contact
with each client
High reading
level of SMS
Long-term connection
with targeted audience
Fast promotion of
the business

Digital Provider platform helps to establish sustainable communication with clients by the use of mobile telephony. Our solutions are ranked from the classic offer "Find the code under the cap and send the SMS" to the very sophisticated SMS-algorithms.

We can bring to life turn-key projects of mobile marketing, also we can integrate in projects with the participation of other contractors. We have already cooperated with such companies as MasterCard, President, Daewoo, Mildseven, Grohe, Kitekat and many others.

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