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Call Center Rental

Average consumer becomes more and more exacting from year to year and every company has to meet demands of such customers in order to be successful. Call center will help you communicate effectively with your clients to meet their needs.

We are ready to run the call center that will meet all your requirements.

We will find a solution for you!
We offer the following services

Our customer service is maintained efficiently and continuously through all communication channels. Hotline service makes it possible to handle incoming calls fast and on a high quality level 24 hours a day.

8-800 number rental

You can buy 8-800 number to use it as a common contact number. It will help to increase the number of appeals to your company and extend target audience Russia-wide.

24-7 voice menu

You can order turn-key voice menu for your company from us (script writing, narrative recording, music and sound editing).

Call center work control

Processes of call handling must definitely be put under control.

SMS Information Service

It is a powerful tool of direct advertising and communication with your clients. With the help of mass text messaging you can deliver advertisement and information to your clients fast and easily.

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