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Digital Provider is one of leading providers of Direct Carrier Billing solutions in Russia and CIS. We provide payment tools allowing your business to monetize your content and increase conversion.

We have a variety of tariffs and our customizable payment solutions enabling you to monetize digital services and goods.

Mobile Paymetns
Mobile payments services are in operation already almost twenty years, but only now they have begun to become a part of everyday life.
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Mobile Marketing
Today it is hard to imagine somebody who does not use mobile phone so mobile marketing is becoming more and more effective tool for promotion of any business.
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Short Code Rental
Short code rental is the highroad to simplify the pattern of interaction with clients of your online shop or any other online service.
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Call Center Rental
Average consumer becomes more and more exacting from year to year and every company has to meet demands of such customers in order to be successful. Call center will help you communicate effectively with your clients.
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Mass Payments
If your business requires payments to hundreds of clients then it is not necessary to spend hours on input and countercheck of payment details. You can automate and optimize payments with the help of Digital Provider!
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Mobile charity
DigitalProvider is able to offer convenient package solution for fundraising for charity funds, which will made crowdfunding simple and hence, more common.
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