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Platform products

The share of extra services in structure of company's revenue can be significant. We have developed the unique Internet platform called Trinity in order to make the process of payment for these services simpler and safer and help you to make your business more profitable.

TRINITY: New options

Trinity Platform. What it is able to do:

  • It allows receiving onetime payments and payments for the subscription by means of your site. Such popular payment methods like site subscription through the telephone number input, one-click subscription, one-click payments for the one-time requests are also available.
  • It is distinguished by flexibility and scales easily depending on daily number of payments.
  • It correlates easily with different mobile network operators and takes due account of their special features.
  • It provides the ability to manage services and tariffs through the administration interface.
  • It provides automatic identification of the user of the mobile web.

Trinity has proved itself to be the reliable and stable platform. Even in circumstances of high load work the platform remains workable and it is confirmed by multiple tests. But if the critical situation has happened then the system will warn you about it through the SMS.

New tools of managing the Trinity platform enable you to respond quickly to changes in your business and get the latest information about its efficiency. Several sections are available for the administrator:

  • Services: here you can put new services, block inactive offers, change tariffs and so on.
  • Partners. In this section can be collected all the information about the companies you work with. Particularly it is the information about commercial terms of cooperation, technical connection settings, their identification details, etc.
  • Access permissions. In this section you can decide who has right of access to the sections, create an BackOffice accounts, trace the сhange history.
  • Statistics is section which presents different ways of statistical data slicing: the number of subscriptions and onetime payments, your income amount, etc. Such an approach enables you to control continuously your work efficiency and sales activity on your site.

New approach to client support

Special options of Trinity enable the call center operators of your company quickly and effectively help clients and guide them through product variety and use of products. The system gives the opportunity to:

  • Track transactions and SMS by subscriber number;
  • Disable subscriptions;
  • Add numbers to a block list to set constraint on service-consumption for the subscriber on a defined period;
  • Itemize the information about subscribers' subscriptions to resolve issues.
  • Calculate the net promoter score by different variables: service, partner, etc.
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