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During many years of work we have scrutinized the market of mobile content and now we are ready to offer the most effective tools for content monetization. We have several services that will become a real catch for m-Commerce.

Content monetization: we sell quickly and effectively
  • Premium-SMS: client pays for the content or service through sending the SMS which contains the certain code to the number that has been specified by the content provider. The content or service are transferred to clients's ownership only after the confirmation of payment. Both sides will have a good bargain! The customer quickly and with minimum expense of energy gets his wish and the seller gets profit directly, getting out of necessity to customize separate services.
  • WAP-click is a very convenient way of the content purchasing, primarily for the subscriber. It is enough to have a mobile phone at hand! By using the mobile phone you can easily, literally by one click, subscribe to updates which are interesting to you, subscribe to email blasts or make onetime payment. This method has a very important advantage: maximal speed. This method has a very important advantage: maximal speed. The user does not need to enter codes, send SMS and wait for extra confirmations.
  • M-Commerce is a tool which was developed to provide the security for payments for the expensive services with the cost of up to RUR 15 000 . Here is no necessity to use credit cards because money is debited directly from the cell phone's account. At that, the main advantages of SMS-payments are maintained: the process of payment is fast and maximally easy.
  • Content subscription assumes that subscriber buys the so called "pass" to the certain service or content. The payment is debited automatically on a periodic predetermined base. It guarantees the seller the stable inflow of funds and it provides the customer with the regular supply of the service: access to the private content of sites, regular supply of information, retention of the premium account on infotainment sites, etc.
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