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Digital Provider is one of leading providers of Direct Carrier Billing solutions in Russia and CIS. We provide payment tools allowing your business to monetize your content and increase conversion.

We will find a solution for you!

We have developed a unique program which enables to achieve the main goal to make the process of content purchase maximally simple and fast for customer. Modern world is very fast specifically when it comes to decision making. Let your clients pay quickly and conveniently for the qualitative content and they will never for a moment doubt that they have made a right choice and they surely come back to you!

This is exactly the need of our partners: mobile network operators, banks, retailers. Together we are creating effective investment scheme with further high and stable income!

We offer:

  • Modern mobile payment technologies - we have developed the unique algorithm which enables your clients to make secure payments without use of bank cards.
  • Wide variety of solutions - along with convenient system of mobile payments we offer many extra services: mass text messaging, automatic payments from the cell phone's account, one-click subscription, site subscription through the telephone number input.
  • Audience increase - you can extend your boundaries and get clients from all over the country through the use of reliable Internet services.
  • Nonstop operation - our service works 24 hours a day 7 days a week to enable continuous development of your business!
  • Security - client data are confidential and strictly encrypted. Person's privacy and hence your company's reputation are secure!
  • Wide coverage - many famous companies have already become our partners, among them are leading Russian mobile network operators along with VISA, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Qiwi, AlfaBank and many others.

For maximum specification of the process of your business's growth and for the convenient use of our system we have developed the modern platform called Trinity. Thanks to this system you can control activity of connections, quantity of subscriptions along with quantity of conducted transactions, manage your account's settings and much more.

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