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We provide Direct
Carrier Billing payments
and SMS marketing
for your business
We have a variety of tariffs and our customizable payment solutions enabling you to monetize digital services and goods.
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It is the highroad to simplify the pattern of interaction with clients of your online service
Mobile marketing is an effective tool for promotion of any business
Mobile payments services make it possible to pay quickly and convenient on a daily basis.
If your business requires payments to hundreds of clients you can automate and optimize payments with the help of Digital Provider!
Call center will help you communicate effectively with your clients.
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Платформа отвечает всем современным
реалиям рынка
VAS-Partneship with our company gives
you a unique opportunity to raise user
loyalty and to increase ARPU through
the use of VAS by the subscribers.
To provide services for operator's
subscribers we use our own platform -
TRINITY which has proved itself as
a high-tech and high-performance solution.
3. Hardware component of TRINITY
is based on the modern equipment,
cluster technologies and cloud services
are used there. The design of fault-tolerant
architecture was developed in compliance
with integration into mobile network
operators' infrastructure.
The advantages of cooperation with us:
  • -) Effective methods of increase of ARPU and user loyalty
  • -) Increase of partner network sales on 20%
  • -) Automated support service of subscribers
  • -) Start up of services on different types of transport
  • -) Reduction of paperwork and workload
  • -) Development and application of branded and non-branded services
  • -) Popular content and qualitative service
Позволяет управлять сервисами,
тарифами через административный
и партнерский интерфейсы
Позволяет автоматически
идентифицировать пользователя,
использующего мобильный интернет
В случае интеграции с Колл-центром, может считать
установленные «пороги» и коэффициенты лояльности,
для своевременного контроля качества продвижения
партнерских сервисов
Our platform makes it possible to organize quickly the acceptance of all types of mobile payments.
Mass text messaging stands out from the extra options.
WAP sites
Mobile content
Social networking sites
Mobile transfer
Partner Programmes
Dating services
Ultimate consumer
M-Commerce service has wide implications: customer could pay for telecom services, utility bills, tickets, purchases in online shops and much more. And all of these could be made through mobile phone as fast as writing an SMS.
Mobile network operators
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